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Cementa has received a total of $310,157 in funding towards the purchase and upgrade of WAYOUT Artspace property, also known as Kandos Hall, from the NSW Government.

The property located on the main street of Kandos will be become the new home of the community organisation where they will host art exhibitions be part of their annual festival.

Upgrades include better accessibility, new workshop and meeting spaces to make the hall fit for purpose.

Bathurst MP Paul Toole met with the festival organisers to deliver the good news.

“The Cementa Festival is a calendar highlight for the region drawing tourists and art lovers from across the state to the Kandos Rylstone local community,” he said.

“The purchase of Kandos Hall will secure the future of the festival and ensure many more people get to enjoy the art and culture of the mid-west for years to come”.

​Cementa is a unique and valued festival of contemporary art that contributes considerably to the vibrancy of regional NSW. The NSW Government’s assistance with the purchase of the building will support Cementa to establish a suitable home base for its activity as a local leader in arts and culture.


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