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  • Writer's pictureThe Hon. Paul Toole MP


The Bathurst Archers Club will be encouraging young people to take up the sport thanks to funding from the NSW Government.

Its Local Sports Grant Program 2021-22 has provided the organisation with $4632 to fund a youth in archery event.

Mr Toole said the event will help attract new members to the club who look to the sport not only for competition, but also as a way of socialising and having fun.

“The NSW Government wants to ensure that all residents have access to a range of activities to encourage a healthy lifestyle,” he said.

“It’s great to drive past the club facility on the weekends and see many people participating in the technical sport of Archery.”

This funding is in addition to the NSW Government previous grants including $4200 for the purchase of targets, signage and course markings and another $526 for electronic payment processing equipment.

Bathurst Archery Club president Steve Olive said the funding from the NSW Government has allowed the club to expand.

“Our numbers have almost doubled in the last year and this financial boost will help us to keep the momentum going,” he said.

“We aim to encourage young people to try archery as an alternative to mainstream sport and a fun way to be active.”


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