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Hon. Paul Toole MP

Member for Bathurst

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Meet Paul...

Member for Bathurst Paul Toole is a tireless worker for the Bathurst Electorate.


He is dedicated to doing the best he can for all residents of the state, always mindful of the importance of standing up for the people from the bush.


Be it water security, job creation, investment in infrastructure, law and order, tourism, roads, education and the community, Paul is a proven leader and is determined to ensure regional and rural NSW continues to thrive under his watch.



Water security is critical to every community and thanks to the NSW Government Bathurst’s Winburndale Dam is undergoing a major upgrade to strengthen the existing dam wall.


In late 2019 funding of $10 million was made available for this all important project.


Built in 1930, the upgrades include holes being drilled from the top of the dam wall into the bedrock below, and then high tension steel cables are being strained tight to strengthen the wall.

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