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The $16 million Winburndale Dam Flood Security Upgrade has been completed and now the public will have a chance to see the upgrades for themselves.


The project took five years to complete with 25 pre-stressed ground anchors now installed and tensioned to reinforce the dam wall. When standing on the dam wall, there is now over 32 metres of concrete underfoot securing the wall.


Much of the work completed was underground or underwater making it hard to comprehend the sheer scale of construction that has taken place to secure the dam wall. Unique equipment was being engineered on site to meet the distinctive needs of the project and divers were brought in to inspect and work on the structure underwater during construction.


Member for Bathurst Paul Toole said the project used modern engineering practices to strengthen the dam so it can continue to serve Bathurst for many decades to come.


“This is a generational project that will serve the community of Bathurst for decades to come. Winburndale Dam is more than 90 years-old which is why we needed to carry out this vital work to improve the infrastructure, so it continues operating as a reliable and safe second water source for Bathurst,” Mr Toole said.


“The project also made the most of local expertise, using Bathurst based contractor Eodo to deliver both the design and construction phases, which means money is flowing directly back to our economy.


“The Eodo team spent over 100,000 hours of working on this project and were faced with 8 flooding events throughout the duration. They have done an incredible job.”


The project was jointly funded by $2.3 million from the former NSW Government’s Safe and Secure Water Program and $16 million from Bathurst Regional Council.


Deputy Mayor Ben Fry said there will be public tours for interested locals to come and see.


 “This is a great example of how outstanding engineering and construction can come together to fix even the most difficult water infrastructure issues,” Mr Fry said.


“It’s a rare occasion where ratepayers have funded majority of this project so they should have the opportunity to see for themselves the dam in action and the works that have guaranteed its future.


“Tours will be held on the 28th February 2024 for locals to visit the dam and see first-hand the construction that has taken place.”


Given the remote nature and inaccessibility to the dam, transport will be provided for the tours. More information on how to book your place on the tour will be announced soon.

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