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Bathurst MP Paul Toole has officially opened major upgrades at Club Lithgow, made possible by NSW Government funding of nearly $100,000.

The Stronger Country Communities Fund grant has enabled the club to transform its outdoor sports and recreation facilities.

These included the installation of new greenside shades to replace those lost in a snow storm several years ago.

“The SCCF grant of $97,448 has also seen the construction of an alfresco recreation and barbecue area which will provide a year-round facility for sporting presentations as well as use by members and their guests,” Mr Toole said.

“The funding also allowed the fence along the stormwater drain on Lithgow Street to be replaced. This improves the club’s appearance from the street and Valley Plaza as also helps conceal rubbish bins and the keg storage area.”

Mr Toole said the improvements will encourage more participation in lawn bowls for all ages, from bare foot bowlers to seniors.

He said the club has more than 150 bowlers and more than 4000 members who will benefit from the upgrades.

“The club also sponsors numerous sporting bodies including Lithgow District senior and junior cricket, Zig Zag men, women and junior girls hockey and senior citizens and even the local ukulele group as well as many other groups that will make use of the recreation area for regular social activities and sporting presentations,” Mr Toole said.


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