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The Noel Moxon Grand Stand at the Bathurst Showground is in the process of being saved from the ravages of time.

It’s just one of a number of $3.3 million in upgrades to historic pavilions and structures currently being undertaken at the venue, with work restoring the iconic grandstand now moving into full swing thanks to funding from the NSW Government.

Member for Bathurst Paul Toole met with contractor David Hines from Hines Constructions, whose company is carrying out the work on the grand stand, and Showground Trust Administer Andrew Fletcher to see first-hand the complexity of this rescue mission.

“This includes repairing the huge timber posts which carry much of the grandstand’s weight which are rotten at the base,” he said. “Their footings are being enlarged before the lower sections of the posts are cut off and replaced.

“Work on the Moxon Stand is progressing well and will be at the stage where it can be available for use by patrons at this year’s Royal Bathurst Show. Hines’ will complete its makeover after the Show.

Mr Toole said the NSW Government’s $3.3 million investment into breathing new life into the Bathurst Showground is part of its COVID-19 stimulus program and Crown Reserves Infrastructure Fund (CRIF).

“The new boundary fence and the new entrance gates have already been completed ahead of this year’s Royal Bathurst Show from April 29-May 2,” he said.

“The call for tenders to restore the old pavilions are about to go out, but this will not impact on the show. However, those works are expected to be completed by the end of this year with local firm Arlington Consulting driving this part of the overall showground upgrade project.”

According to Mr Fletcher, a new roof on the 1879 Howard Pavilion was completed last year.

“The big jobs start after the show and that includes further restoration works on the Howard Pavilion along with the adjoining Trevitt and Beau Brown Pavilions,” he said.

“The Cec English Pavilion (birds) and nearby two sheep pavilions and goat pavilion will also receive upgrades.

“Overall, this is a massive project, but as far as history is concerned they don’t come much better than what we have at the Bathurst Showground.

“This funding from the NSW Government means these historic buildings will still be here for generations to come.”


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