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The intersection of George and Lambert Street in Bathurst is a busy pedestrian area outside Bathurst Public School and is well known by locals as a dangerous place for near misses with cars crossing the intersection.

Transport for NSW and Bathurst Regional Council have made the intersection safer, through the construction of works as part of the road safety program. This included raised pedestrian crossings and a roundabout for vehicles which has opened this week to traffic.

The works have included the raising of the threshold of the pedestrian crossing and median into a one-lane roundabout which slows the traffic and forces motorists to reduce their speed. Lighting and signage, and slow point raised threshold deviations have also been installed.

Member for Bathurst Paul Toole was joined by Bathurst Regional Councilor Warren Aubin to view the new safety upgrades.

“These safety upgrades are so important not only for locals who live in this area but also for mums, dads and careers who are dropping off and picking up kids at Bathurst Public School,” Mr Toole said.

Councilor Warren Aubin who had been campaigning for the works said;

“I’ve been raising this issue for a number of years, and I am really pleased to see these safety works completed for the benefit of the community,” Mr Aubin said.


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