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A new visitor experience has arrived at Blayney Station.

Member for Bathurst and NSW Deputy Premier Paul Toole was joined by Transport NSW Chief Operations Officer Howard Collins OBE today to launch the new visitor experience elements at Blayney’s Platform Art Hub.

The new visitor experience showcases the community significance of Blayney’s historic railway station.

“Since opening in March 2021, Platform Arts Hub has become part of the region’s cultural and tourism development with a dynamic new community focus for the community of Blayney and surrounding villages,” Mr Toole said.

“The Hub is housed in the beautifully restored historic station which is now a venue for community events, art exhibitions, performances, workshops, and meetings.”

As part of the focus on community and history at the revitalised Blayney station, Transport for NSW procured Freeman Ryan Design to prepare and install an imaginative Visitor Experience which tells the 140 year story of Blayney Railway Station through the eyes of those who have travelled and worked at the station.

The interactive audio visual and interpretive panel displays will engage a new generation of visitors. The displays feature genuine stories from local people who worked at the station in the 1950s

Benedicte Collin, CEO of the Transport Asset Holding Entity (TAHE), said the rejuvenation of this beautiful heritage site in Blayney is exactly the sort of project that TAHE stands for.

“We want to see new life breathed into underutilised assets, so they can fill a useful purpose to the community, generate growth and economic activity,” she said.

Blayney station was restored and revitalised by Transport for NSW / Sydney Trains between 2019 and 2021.

The historic railway refreshment room is now Licensed by TAHE and Transport for NSW to Blayney Shire Council as a community facility and the Blayney Town Association’s sub-committee, Platform Arts Hub Blayney, leases the building from Council.

Representatives from Blayney Shire Council, former station workers, members of Platform Art and the local community attended the special event.


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