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  • Writer's pictureThe Hon. Paul Toole MP


Facilities at the Oberon Golf Club are set to be improved thanks to funding from the NSW Government.

Member for Bathurst Paul Toole has a Stronger Country Communities Fund (SSCF) grant of $63,100 for the installation of a unisex disabled toilet on the course.

“The aim is to provide better amenities on course which is expected to encourage more people to play golf at the picturesque Oberon Course,” Mr Toole said.

“Having a unisex disabled toilet is, according to the club, especially beneficial in making a round of golf more appealing for female players.”

Mr Toole said that improvements to facilities at the Oberon Golf Club are part of the latest wave of support from the SCCF being rolled out by the NSW Government to deliver new and upgraded facilities, infrastructure and programs that make a big difference to everyday life in the bush.

“SCCF delivers guaranteed investment in every single regional LGA in NSW, and has seen $500 million invested across more than 1900 local projects since 2017,” he said.


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