• The Hon. Paul Toole MP


FUNDING from the NSW Government’s Regional School Renewal Project has landed at Denison College’s Bathurst Campus.

It will enable an initiative to make better use of administration space to be fast-tracked.

Member for Bathurst Paul Toole said the school would chip in 20 per cent of the $202,500 needed for the upgrades.

“The improved facilities at Bathurst High are part of the NSW Government’s $120 million Regional Renewal Program,” Mr Toole said.

Bathurst Campus principal Ken Barwick said one of their ongoing dilemmas is they don’t have dedicated spaces to meet parents and students for private interviews with staff.

“And as the school continues to grow, this would continue to be an issue to deal with,” he said.

“The funding means we can relocate our staff room in the admin block down to the new building that runs along Piper Street.

“Then we can convert the old space into three separate rooms for interviews as well as being able to build some disabled toilets.

“It really is the perfect result for us. It means we won’t have to juggle things around in the staff room to accommodate the parent interviews.”

Mr Toole said this investment by NSW Government is part of its commitment to build a safer and stronger regional NSW. It is about ensuring regional students can thrive in a great learning environment, no matter where they live or what their circumstances may be.

“Delivery of these projects will be undertaken in the next 18 months as part of the NSW Government’s economic stimulus package for NSW schools,” he said.