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The NSW Government has today announced a timber bridge in Blayney will receive funding through Round Two of the $500 million Fixing Country Bridges program.

Blayney Shire Council will receive a total over $1.424 million to replace Swallow Creek Bridge on Four Mile Creek Road, Panuara.

Deputy Premier and Member for Bathurst Paul Toole said it is fantastic that the NSW Government is investing in stronger and longer lasting infrastructure in regional NSW.

“This funding will allow for Blayney Shire Council to upgrade Swallow Creek bridge from a timber bridge to concrete bridge.”

“Safer and stronger bridges will help keep motorists moving around the Blayney region for generations to come.

Minister for Regional Transport and Roads Sam Farraway said $49.25 million has been awarded to replace 34 timber bridges with concrete bridges across 21 Local Government Areas (LGA).

“Our government is getting on with the job of building infrastructure to better withstand extreme weather events and protect our supply chain,” Mr Farraway said.

“That’s why we’re pushing ahead with Round 2A of the Fixing Country Bridges program in LGAs where councils are ready to get work, so these projects can get started.

“We’ll continue to work with councils across the rest of the state, many of which have been hit hard by natural disasters like floods to firm up the remaining bridges.

“With each bridge replaced, we’re opening up more efficient routes for heavy vehicles from freight to the local school bus and RFS tankers.

“Improving access for freight companies helps them to reduce their operational costs, which will ultimately reduce costs for NSW families when buying the goods at the local supermarket.”

A total of $290 million has already been awarded to councils under Round 1 of Fixing Country Bridges to replace more than 400 timber structures across 54 LGAs across the state.

Blayney Shire Mayor Scott Ferguson praised the announcement as a significant milestone for Council and the community in that all timber bridges within the Blayney Shire have now been upgraded.

“This program has recently funded just over $1 million in planned upgrades to Limestone Creek, Gally Swamp and Grubbenbun Creek Bridges. For Blayney Shire to be successful in this grant is significant as Swallow creek bridge is the last remaining timber bridge within the Shire,” he said.

Council will deliver their project within 30 months of signing the funding agreement.

Background on bridge

The project will involve the demolition of an existing 12.2m x 6.9m failing timber bridge with a non-structural concrete deck over Swallow Creek on Four Mile Creek Road, and the construction of new concrete bridge on a different alignment. The new bridge will be a 21m single span bridge with a width of 9m.

The existing bridge will remain in service until the new bridge and associated road works are completed to maintain access as an alternate by-pass route would be impractical, particularly for the school bus, which accesses properties further north on Four Mile Creek Road.


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