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The NSW Government will assist Bathurst Regional Council in investigating the state of the Bathurst Gasworks as the first step to turning the site into a useable asset for the local area.

Member for Bathurst Paul Toole said the investigation will assess whether there is contamination that needs cleaning up and what, if any, structural repairs are needed.

“The Bathurst Gasworks has been part of the industrial fabric of our community since 1888 and its fantastic to know it will be assessed by experts so we can determine what the future use for the site might be,” Mr Toole said.

“It’s the first step towards repurposing this historic industrial icon and turning it into an asset that the community can once again look on with pride.”

“At the moment it is an eyesore of the Bathurst skyline and I want to see the planning take place now to see that progress can be made in a few years’ time when Jemena’s lease runs out on the site in 2028.”

Minister for Lands and Water Kevin Anderson said NSW Crown Lands will work with Bathurst Regional Council to clean-up and determine the best future use for the Bathurst Gasworks site.

“The NSW Government will work closely with the council to determine a future use that can bring the most benefit for the Bathurst community,” Mr Anderson said.

“We’re aiming for the best outcome for the many people who know and love this area and its fascinating history.”

Crown Lands is currently working alongside lease holder Jemena to arrange access to the site.

Bathurst Regional Council Mayor Robert Taylor said Council supports the work that will be undertaken at the site to provide a better understanding of the condition of the site and the buildings.

“Some of the structures have heritage significance and we want to ensure we know the condition of these buildings and the others on site, as well as what repairs are required to inform any future decisions around the gas works site,” Mr Taylor said.


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