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The return to service of the once closed historic Millthorpe Station has been welcomed by the wider community.

While major upgrades to the station and platform paved the way for NSW TrainLink services to operate as an on-request train stop for two daily XPT services, Member for Bathurst Paul Toole has welcomed another initiative at the precinct.

The latest project to come to fruition is a reminder of a bygone era when Millthorpe Station was an important transport hub for the local agricultural sector.

Mr Toole said that over the past two years the Transport Asset Holding Entity (TAHE) has worked in conjunction with Sydney Trains and Blayney Shire Council to restore the Millthorpe Station Crane.

“The crane is a heritage asset dating back to the 1880s,” Mr Toole said.

“It played a vital role loading and unloading rail freight in Millthorpe until the 1960s, but sadly had sat neglected and in pieces outside the station for many decades.

“However, with the reopening of Millthorpe Station to passengers back in 2019 interest was reignited in the role the crane played and prompted locals to inquire as to what could be done to save it from the ravages of time.”

As a result, detailed works led by TAHE and undertaken in partnership with Sydney Trains which included sourcing missing parts from local residents, new replica parts were made and a new crane base prepared.

Mr Toole said the crane was originally positioned in Millthorpe’s former railway goods yard – in the rail corridor at the Sydney end of the current station.

“It has now been reinstated closer to the station so it can be appreciated by the general public,” he said.

“The TAHE Community Heritage Program has a strong reputation in the Central West and beyond for restoring and celebrating our heritage railway assets and we’re excited for this collaboration with Blayney Shire Council to continue.”


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