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Ferrero Australia has today marked local sustainability milestones and celebrated the launch of Nutella’s new campaign, hosting Deputy Premier, Member for Bathurst and Minister for Regional New South Wales Paul Toole and Lithgow Mayor Maree Statham at Ferrero’s Lithgow factory.

The Nutella Loves Aussie Recipes collection celebrates the unique landscapes and flavours of Australia, with new recipes inspired by ingredients from each location. Each jar is themed around a much-loved and iconic Australian destination, from the Great Barrier Reef to the Barossa, Bondi Beach and Cradle Mountain.

The event was also an opportunity to thank Ferrero’s 96 full-time Lithgow team members, who have contributed to the world-class regional manufacturing of the products for more than 40 years, including making more than 8.8 million kilograms of Nutella each year for Australia and New Zealand.

“Today’s visit marked several significant milestones for Ferrero’s Lithgow factory – in particular, reducing water usage by more than 30 per cent this financial year. We are very proud of this achievement, and will continue expanding our sustainability initiatives to play our part in protecting Australia’s natural environment,” said Massimo D’Ambrosio, Managing Director of Ferrero Australia.

Deputy Premier Paul Toole attended today’s event.

“I was pleased to be here today to help thank Ferrero’s Lithgow workers for their outstanding contribution to the local manufacturing, making products enjoyed by Australians everywhere around the nation,” said Mr Toole.

“The Lithgow factory is an incredible example of how long-term investment, supported by a dedicated workforce and commitment to innovation, is key to supporting growth in our local communities,” he said.

Mayor Maree Statham said “Lithgow City Council encourages and supports sustainability measures being implemented by businesses in the local community.”

“We’re grateful to Ferrero donating 100 special, limited-edition Nutella Lithgow jars to the local Seven Valleys Visitors Centre, rightfully recognising Lithgow as the home of Nutella in Australia and supporting local tourism!”

The event also officially marked the competition of the second phase of the Lithgow factory’s solar project.

“Lithgow’s solar project is an important part of our energy transition journey in Australia. Currently, solar provides 15-20 per cent of Lithgow’s total electricity needs, and we’re looking forward to exploring the next phase of our solar project,” said Derek Lath, Institutional Affairs Director of Ferrero Australia.

“These latest achievements are part of Ferrero’s global commitment to deliver on our sustainability strategy to improve peoples’ livelihoods and protect the environment,” he concluded.


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