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Abercrombie House has been recognised by the NSW Government as an iconic Bathurst mansion.

Member for Bathurst Paul Toole has announced funding of $10,000 for upgrades to the well-known tourist attraction.

“Abercrombie House is Bathurst icon and is one of our local treasures. It really has unlimited tourism potential,” he said.

“Christopher and Xanthe Morgan are constantly undertaking work to keep the building in good shape, but it’s such a massive and ongoing task for them.

“This funding from Destination NSW will help freshen up the central area of the interior of the house.”

According to Christopher Morgan new carpet will be installed through the central area of the house, including the ground floor hall as well as stairs and landings throughout the building.

“It’s going to make such a difference to Abercrombie House,” Mr Morgan said.

“The old carpet had reached its use by date and was quite tatty, faded and worn. New carpet really will give the place a lift.”

Mr Toole said the funding for Abercrombie House is part of $5.5 million in NSW Government grants to support product development, marketing programs and business events across the state.

“The total investment across regional NSW will create jobs, enhance the visitor experience, promote NSW regions as ‘must-visit’ destinations, and stimulate new business event activity that will collectively generate tens of millions in visitor expenditure,” he said.

“These grants are all about generating future demand for the Bathurst region as a preferred place to visit, for business or leisure.

“We may not have many travellers right now, but they are getting ready for when people can move around again.”


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