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THE O’Connell Valley Community Group are set to receive funding from the NSW Government.

Member for Bathurst Paul Toole today announced they would receive $10,000 to enable arborists to give the desert ash trees that form the Anzac War Memorial Drive some tender loving care.

Mr Toole met with members of the group to inform them of the good news of their successful application for the grant from the government’s NSW Community War Memorials Fund.

“The work by the O’Connell Valley Community Group to conserve the O’Connell Memorial Drive is an important contribution to the state’s war memorial heritage,” Mr Toole said.

“The NSW Government appreciates the time and energy the group are devoting to ensure that the sacrifices of NSW service men and women are honoured.”

According to Lauren Trembath from the O’Connell Valley Community Group the funding will enable arborists to be engaged to give the desert ash trees that form the Anzac War Memorial Drive a check up.

“Once their conditions has been determined, the trees will be pruned or replaced where needed,” she said.

The Anzac War Memorial Avenue is dedicated to the men and woman from the local area who served during the First World War.

It was officially opened by Field Marshall Lord Allenby on January 25, 1926.

Local residents held dances and musical events to raise funds for the project which resulted in the planting of 120 desert ash trees which were grown at the Bathurst Experimental Farm for the Sydney botanical gardens who supplied the trees to the community working bees.

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