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Speedway fans were cheering on Saturday evening (6 Feb) after Bathurst MP Paul Toole announced the Cullen Bullen Raceway would be transformed into one of the major venues for the sport in the state.

There was loud applause from the fans, drivers and support staff when Mr Toole announced the venue would receive more than $596,000 from the NSW Government for safety and track upgrades.

This includes new concrete walls and fencing as well as a realignment and extension of the track to make the straights longer.

Mr Toole was the guest of honour at the meeting and given a warm welcome from the Cullen Bullen Raceway officials who were elated with the funding news while a steady stream of drivers and fans took time out to personally thank him for the NSW Government’s backing.

“A revamped Cullen Bullen Speedway will make the venue one of the premier locations in the state for this form of motorsport,” he said.

“It means all classes of cars can use the facility and this in turn will attract more drivers and teams as well as race fans to Cullen Bullen.

“If Cullen Bullen wasn’t a big player on the speedway map before, it certainly will be once these upgrades are completed.”

Mr Toole said the funding is part of more than $1.3 million in funding for a range of local improvement projects for Crown land reserves and community facilities in the region.

He said the funding is being provided by the NSW Government under its Crown Reserves Improvement Fund.


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