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The community of Bathurst have shared their concerns over the lack of carparking on the most recent Bathurst Hospital Redevelopment designs released last week.

Member for Bathurst Paul Toole has joined the communities call for additional carparking to be included as part of the redevelopment and is today launching a petition calling on the NSW Government and NSW Health to not short change the community of Bathurst and surrounding areas that use this service and provide additional carparking that will meet the needs of the community as part of the redevelopment.  

“It’s time community consultation was taken seriously,” Mr Toole said.

“At some point or another everyone in this community will need to access the hospital and it’s services, we want to ensure when that time comes there will be an easily accessible way to do so.

“At the moment we see elderly people with their oxygen tanks, young people on crutches and new mums lugging their new-borns up hills and walking blocks away to reach their vehicles after receiving treatment.

“When I fought for this $200 million redevelopment I was assured by NSW Health that additional carparking would be included – these designs do not reflect this whatsoever. They actually reduce the number of parks!”

According to the most recent designs released a community green will replace over 40 carparking spaces currently on the health service campus and traffic will be redirected onto a loop exiting where they have entered on Howick Street.

Mr Toole is encouraging locals to sign the petition that will be presented in NSW Parliament imploring the NSW Government and NSW Health to ensure additional carparking is included in the redevelopment.


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