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A multi-million dollar road project in the heart of Blayney has been forging ahead, but the onset of freezing winter weather is set to slow work on the Carcoar Street upgrade.

The important town centre link road is being completely rebuilt thanks to the NSW and Australian Government’s commitment of $1,864,435 through the Fixing Local Roads Program.

With $1.1 million allocated by Blayney Shire Council in its 2020/21 Operational Plan, the total for the project is $2.9 million, with work having started last November.

Member for Bathurst Paul Toole met with senior council staff, councillors and contractors for an update on progress in Carcoar Street and says he is impressed with the progress being made.

“This is a massive project for Blayney as Carcoar Street is one of the busiest trafficked areas in the town.”

“Just the relocation of services was a massive task in itself. Now the resurfacing of the road’s surface is underway, but that will have to be put on hold when winter arrives.”

Blayney Shire Council’s Director of Infrastructure Services Grant Baker said that Council crews had been working overtime to complete as much of the pavement work before the onset of cold weather.

“Now that winter’s arrived, we are unable to dry back the pavement gravels adequately before sealing the road. The Loftus to Church Street section of pavement has been deferred until Spring, and the warmer weather arrives,” he said.

"The investment by Government and Council has already provided an improved road between the Mid-Western Highway and Water Street, and once completed will offer nearby residents and road users a safer and quieter road.”

Mr Toole said that projects such as Carcoar Street support regional employment.

"This funding ensured that critical, shovel-ready projects could get going as soon as possible, while increasing job opportunities for local tradies," Mr Toole said.

"Country roads are often riddled with potholes and require ongoing maintenance. This funding will not only improves road safety for locals, but also for those travelling to and from the area."

Blayney mayor Scott Ferguson said that the project goes beyond a simple road reconstruction.

"This is why it's so expensive," he said. "We're aligning footpaths, services and improving parking, and thanks to the Governments’ support, we can do it all in one hit."


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