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Bathurst Regional Council has received funding of $117,000 from the NSW Government’s Environmental Protection Authority to target illegal dumping in the region.

Mayor Robert Stumpy Taylor said the project will increase community awareness, education, and focus on prevention strategies for a growing community.

“Illegal dumping is a problem that continues to occur in and around our region and poses significant hazards to human health and the natural environment,” he said.

“Mobile surveillance camera units will also be used at isolated locations and dumping hotspots.”

Member for Bathurst Paul Toole said illegal dumping was significantly contributing to pollution in the area.

“Our waterways and recreational grounds are an important asset for the Bathurst area, we want to see them looked after and not polluted by illegal dumping.”

“This funding will focus on 18 known dumping sites around rivers and camping grounds that seem to be frequented by disrespectful people doing the wrong thing with their waste.”

Council spends significant amounts of time and money responding to illegal dumping investigation, clean-up, and disposal although incidents in the Bathurst region have been decreasing. In 2021 incidents decreased by 20.4 per cent (127) and 50.65 per cent in 2022 (75) off the back of council's work with the NSW EPA.


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